Many west Texans know that hunting is more than just a weekend hobby. Instead, it is a way to connect with yourself, with the outdoors, with those you love, and create lasting memories. It’s for these reasons that many Texans spend time hunting from September to February. However, these seasons are short: dove season runs from September 1st through roughly January; quail from October through February; and pheasant normally the month of December. If you are on public land in the state of Texas, you are legally bound to follow these seasons and will face repercussions if you are caught hunting out of season. However, if you are on a hunting preserve like one of the three privately-owned, members-only reserves at T&T Game Birds near Lubbock, Texas, you have access to hunt farm-raised birds all year long. For hunting enthusiasts hoping to extend your hunting seasons, T&T Game Birds offers hunting memberships that come with benefits you will not find anywhere else, including: 

Hunt at your request on any of their 7+ reserves.
Individual membership allows you one free guest. The other two packages do not require you to pay for guests other than $45 for guests outside of your family in the family package.
Snacks and drinks are provided to you during your hunt for corporate membership.
Discounted birds

T&T Game Birds also offers dog training though D4 Kennels. D4 Kennels is dedicated to training and developing dogs to their highest level so owners can have a highly trained, and well mannered dog to hunt over for many years. They are committed to training each dog to exceed owner expectations. At D4 Kennels, they take a limited number of client dogs so it allows their trainers the time to work with each dog individually, maintain a clean and sanitary kennel, and care for each dog personally.

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