During the height of the pandemic, my mom had to get creative as she taught a high school elective class from home. For one assignment, she simply had her students track their screen time over the course of a week. The results seemed appalling to me: Some of her students spent more than 80 hours a week on their screens! However, I tracked mine as well, and when I took out the amount of time I spent listening to music and podcasts, I still averaged at least an hour of screen time a day. All this to say, if you are not utilizing social media accounts for your business, you are missing out on reaching a wider audience than you thought possible! My mom’s students (and myself) are not the anomalies here. Research shows that adults spend an average of 147 minutes a day on social media. If you are not taking advantage of these numbers, you are losing out on customers to other businesses who are more active in posting and advertising on their social media accounts!

It is vital that you are engaging with page visitors on your social media platforms. From posting new products or services to creating targeted advertising campaigns, people are checking your social media to see what they can find! You can utilize your social media presence by being active, engaged, and consistent. A page that exists but does not have active postings can indicate or imply that you are not a company that is looking for new business. Potential customers are also looking to see how you engage with customers. Are your posts purely business-related, or are you posting things that may bring joy or a laugh to those visiting your pages as well? More than ever, people are online and looking for businesses to support. How much are you putting in to make sure you are one of those businesses that gets a boost?

Social media is an excellent marketing tool when it is utilized to the best of its abilities. Your Web Pro LLC offers social media management services to help boost and maximize your presence on social media. Contact us today to learn more!

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