Founded in 1994 with a goal to create wealth for their investors, Fleming Investment Properties in Lubbock, Texas, is celebrating nearly 3 decades of experience in group investing. The mission of Fleming Investment Properties is to create wealth for their investors in income producing real estate and small businesses. Fleming Investment Properties has a goal to create 20% annual return on invested capital for their investors. At Fleming Investment Properties, the team internally manages each of their properties and businesses in house. With a team of amazing bookkeepers, business owners, and property managers, Fleming Investment Properties is able to work collaboratively out of their Lubbock office. This allows their team to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that your money is working for you!

Fleming Investment Properties handles everything from commercial real estate such as office buildings to residences that are able to be rented out to residents of Lubbock. At Fleming Investment Properties, the team focuses on the daily operation and maintenance of all their properties and businesses, including commercial properties Community Plaza (2402 52nd Street), Tuscan Tower (4630 50th Street) and Medical Gardens (3801-3813 22nd Street). Their residential investment group, Lubbock Trade Properties, owns and manages 14 houses in the area. Other Fleming properties include The Woodrow House B&B, AAA Mechanical, AAA Landscaping, South Plains Lanes Bowling, Rosewood Realty, FIP Mobile Properties and ITEX Southwest Trade Exchange.

Your Web Pro LLC would like to thank Fleming Investment Properties for choosing us to design their new website! We are so grateful for your business and look forward to seeing the ways you continue to grow and serve the people of Lubbock. To learn more about Fleming Investment Properties, please visit their new site at Thank you again to Fleming Investment Properties!

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