My cousin, sister, and I were recently discussing what we refer to as “Newton’s fourth law,” which we say states that when you do the bare minimum for a test or paper, it will be much more difficult than you thought, but if you study for weeks in advance, the material on the exam will simply be the review questions in a different order. Though we have all graduated from college now, we still maintain that any time we did the absolute bare minimum, the test would cover every last thing that had been in the textbook, and any time we studied every last thing, the test would be based off the review only. For this reason, it was important to put effort in and do everything in our power to succeed. I now think of optimizing a website for search engines in much the same way: even if your site seems to be doing well, not utilizing SEO is actually setting you up to fail.

SEO is not an optional add-on to your website in our online world; it is a necessity. Like reviewing any material that could be on your exam, SEO is setting you up to succeed. A majority of people discover businesses and become customers through organic search results, or the results that pop up on a search engine’s result page, not including paid advertisements. SEO helps your website to be marked as relevant to a search, and the higher you show up on a result page, the more likely you are to get new site visitors who turn into customers. Many Internet users will not click past the first few results on a page, and even fewer will move on from the first page. SEO will assist you in generating good and credible site visitors.

Implementing strong SEO on your website is a necessity and an organic way to increase your website traffic with quality visitors who are likely to turn into customers. Contact Your Web Pro today to find out more about how we can help you and your site’s SEO!

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