My aunt owns a successful clothing store, and when the COVID-19 pandemic started, she was expecting to see a decrease in sales because of layoffs and how uncertain things were. Instead, she found that people were online more. While things may be getting closer to what we consider normal, many people are still doing a majority of their shopping online. I know that, during the shutdown, I did all of my shopping online, and I am still utilizing curbside pickup or, at the least, in-store pickup due to being immunocompromised. When I visit a website, I am quick to click off the page if what I see does not match what a website should look like in 2020 with coronavirus guidelines, updates, and more. I am not looking to read pages about social distancing or mandatory face coverings; rather, seeing updates ensures that the website has been recently updated and is therefore reputable.


Did you know that simply posting new content on a regular basis or updating the content already on your website helps to improve your SEO ranking? A significant part of successful SEO is updated, relevant content on your website. New content tells search engine crawlers, or the internal thing that scans your site for new changes and then helps to index it, that there is something that needs to be checked out on your site. The more your site is indexed, the more likely it is to climb the SEO rankings. You can help optimize your site for search engines by posting new, relevant content on your site regularly. This can be in the form of a blog, updating products, adding new snippets to information pages when things change, and keeping your home page especially relevant.


New content helps search engines to index your website, which in turn generates new visitors and therefore a higher ranking on search engine result pages. Do not wait until you have to update your website! Keep it updated regularly and see an increase in visitors and ranking.

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