I have always been cautious of things others say I “need.” When I get a new phone and the salespeople try to convince me I need a warranty, Apple Care, special screen protectors, a car charger, a wall charger, and a protective case that would amount to much more money than I had planned on spending, I typically decline because I am cautious and know that those things are not necessary for me, especially when I know I could find the case and screen protectors for much cheaper elsewhere. However, I also know that it is good to take precautionary measures to protect something that I have invested my money in. This is the case with SSL certificates for your website. SSL is not a sales ploy — it is a matter of the security of your website and the information of your site visitors. If you have a form or submission button of any kind on your site, you need an SSL certificate.


An SSL certificate keeps any submitted information safe from interception by hackers. Whether this information is as relatively harmless as a name and email address or as private and important as payment or bank account information, the information of your site visitors needs to be protected and kept secure. If your site has a form through which interested individuals or customers input and submit their names, email addresses, phone numbers, messages, payment information, or more, an SSL certificate safeguards whatever they input on your website. There are really no downsides to having an SSL certificate on your site. It helps to keep you and your site visitors safe from hackers and those who would steal private information.


If you are wondering if you ought to have an SSL certificate on your site, the answer is likely a yes! The team at Your Web Pro LLC would love to help you get this done today. Contact us so we can get your site secured!

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